NHL condemns Mike Milbury's 'insensitive and insulting comment'


Late in Thursday night's Capitals-Islanders game, NBC color commentator Mike Milbury made a comment that quickly came under fire.

After play-by-play man John Forslund talked about the environment in the bubble and team bonding, Milbury said, "Not even any women here to disrupt your concentration."

It’s 2020, and yet... -- pic.twitter.com/d74TMlhkkP

— Alison (@AlisonL) August 21, 2020

On Friday, the NHL publicly condemned Milbury's comment.

"The National Hockey League condemns the insensitive and insulting comment that Mike Milbury made during last night's broadcast and we have communicated our feelings to NBC. The comment did not reflect the NHL's values and commitment to making our game more inclusive and welcoming to all."

A statement from the National Hockey League. pic.twitter.com/YCOTcoaK5l

— NHL Public Relations (@PR_NHL) August 21, 2020

Stephen Whyno of The Associated Press relayed a response from NBC and an apology from Milbury.

"We’re disappointed about Mike’s insensitive comment and have addressed it with him," NBC Sports said, according to Whyno.

"I sincerely apologize for making the comment," Milbury said. "It was not my intention to disrespect anyone. I was trying to be irreverent and took it a step too far. It was a regrettable mistake that I take seriously."

NBC Sports says, “We’re disappointed about Mike’s insensitive comment and have addressed it with him.”Mike Milbury’s apology: https://t.co/zPYRomkHeh pic.twitter.com/vYHlcUn7Fl

— Stephen Whyno (@SWhyno) August 21, 2020

ESPN's Greg Wyshynski reported that he had heard Milbury would not be part of Friday night's Flyers-Canadiens broadcast, though that has not yet been confirmed.

Milbury's comment came just one day after Thom Brennaman was removed from a Cincinnati Reds broadcast mid-game for using a homophobic slur.

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