Patrice Bergeron on D&K explains how his role has changed with younger Bruins team


Teams across all sports struggle to find just one vocal presence in their respective clubs. The Bruins? They seem to be stockpiling them.

Patrice Bergeron appeared on Dale & Keefe Wednesday to talk about how his role has changed with a young Bruins team. While he’s previously better known as a silent leader, he’s found himself as the recipient of much praise by his teammates for his ever-changing vocal presence.

“I think that wasn’t like an overnight change,” Bergeron noted. “I think that over the past two years I’ve become more vocal and it comes with experience, and age, and knowing that I’ve been through it. I wanted to share those experience with the guys. So, as a leader you always grow and learn and that was just my way of learning and finding ways to become a better leader.”

He added: “I think we have a younger dressing room, and it’s important for me to step up that way where I need to be more vocal. And that’s a role I’m willing to take.”

With the Bruins missing one of their most dynamic offensive powers in David Pastrnak due to injury, Bergeron also spoke on how the team has picked up the slack, as well as David Backes’ transition into a leader within his role.

“The impact he [Backes] has off the ice is something that often goes unnoticed," he said. "... And on the ice, he does his part and does his job. He’s doing a lot of details that people don’t see. He doesn’t rack up points on the score sheet and people are going to point fingers at him for it. But if you look at everything he does on the ice, like sticking up for his teammates and [doing] details and doing the right things while going hard and playing the body, it makes a big impact for us."

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