Merloni: Red Sox should not be honoring the Patriots at Fenway Park home opener


The Red Sox plan to honor the Patriots during the Opening Day ceremony at Fenway Park on Tuesday and Lou Merloni is completely against it.

Merloni said on OMF on Monday he thinks it is a mistake to pay tribute to the Patriots’ Super Bowl win at the same time the Red Sox are celebrating the team’s own World Series win.

He thinks Saturday or Sunday’s game would be more appropriate to honor the Patriots. 

“Are the Patriots going to honor the Red Sox at their opening day when they bring up their banner?,” Merloni said. “If I’m the Red Sox I don’t like this at all. I don’t know why they’re doing it.”

“He’s right,” Glenn Ordway agreed.

“You just won the World Series,” Merloni continued. “If you didn’t win the World Series … then, fine, celebrate the Patriots winning the Super Bowl. You won the World Series, your banner’s going up, you’re getting rings. That’s it. End of story. End of story. No Patriots, sorry. That’s stupid.”