Christian Fauria: Patriots have kicked tires on Antonio Brown


Antonio Brown is back in the news this week following issuing an apology to Patriots owner Robert Kraft and the organization via social media.

Some took this, along with his meeting with the NFL last week, as a sign he could potentially play again this season.

If that is true, would the Patriots take another chance? Maybe.

According to Christian Fauria of Ordway, Merloni & Fauria, the Patriots have "kicked the tires" on Brown and there have been discussions.

The Patriots are paying Brown roughly $9 million after he was released in September following sending alleged threatening text messages to a woman who accused him of sexual misconduct in a Sports Illustrated story.

Tom Brady was asked about Brown's apology Wednesday and said, "I didn’t out too much thought into it but – yeah. It’s his choice and good for him." Meanwhile, Bill Belichick said to ask Kraft about it.

Stay tuned.