Fauria: NFL expected to cut 2 preseason games


The NFL canceled its Hall of Fame Game between the Cowboys and Steelers on Thursday, and it appears that won't be the only preseason game that gets called off.

On Ordway, Merloni and Fauria Thursday, Christian Fauria revealed that he has heard the league is expected to cancel two of each team's four preseason games.

"I think they most definitely will (cancel two preseason games)," Fauria said. "What I heard last week when I was out of town was a big concern with the amount of time they have to install everything and the amount of players they have to teach and the limited space they have to do all this stuff. There's so many different variables, and I said, 'Hell, you should probably push the season back.'

"What I got, and I'm paraphrasing here, is they've already accounted for that. They're going to get rid of two preseason games. This was last week. Now we just heard they're canceling the Hall of Fame Game. ... Just more time in general. They just need more time. They cannot fit four weeks of planning into such a short period of time. They need more time."

Fauria went on to explain that the installation and teaching part of the preseason is going to take longer because meetings will likely have to take place in smaller groups, meaning what usually takes one week might take two or three this year. Because of that, teams won't be ready to play even a preseason game after just a week or two.