Off Day Debate: Dream addition for Patriots


With it being the bye week, let's have a little fun.

While it seems highly unlikely, there still appears to be a very slim chance Rob Gronkowski (20 percent, according to Pro Football Talk) and Antonio Brown (three teams apparently interested in him, according to ESPN) will return to New England this year.

So, who would you rather have?

The Off Day podcast guys gave their thoughts and you can too by voting in the @OffDayPod Twitter poll below.

Antonio Brown

Not sure if anyone has heard this before, but the Patriots are already paying Brown so they might as well let him earn his money! I know New England added Mohamed Sanu just before the trade deadline, but he’s far from the type of playmaking talent that Brown is. Sanu is a nice, complementary piece. Brown is a true game-changing playmaker. We’ve all heard how much Brown clicked working with Tom Brady – both on the practice field and in their lone game together in Miami. Brown would bring an immediate spark to the New England passing attack and give opposing defense’s a true No. 1 receiver to fear. Brown would make plays and make everyone else on the field better by his presence. It might be a tough sell to ownership – and maybe even the Commissioner’s office – but bringing back Brown would be a late-season jumpstart toward another sure Super Bowl run!

-- Andy Hart

Rob Gronkowski

What remains the weakest position on the Patriots roster right now? Tight end. Having Gronkowski in the mix would make this Patriots offense drastically better. The struggles in the red zone, Brady not having a player to go to when he needs a big play -- those would instantly be fixed with Gronkowski added. Also, an underrated part of Gronkowski's game is his blocking, so getting him back would probably positively impact the running game. We've seen what Gronkowski and Brady can do together over the years, we haven't seen what he and Brown can do over an extended period. Also, what if Brown weren't to get the targets he thinks he should? We know Gronkowski is a team player, we don't know that about Brown and what we do know it's likely he isn't. While Brown is a tremendous talent, adding Gronkowski to the team now would be better than adding Brown.

-- Ryan Hannable

Who is your dream Patriots addition?

— The Off Day (@OffDayPod) November 5, 2019