Pedro Martinez is not a fan of what Mike Fiers did


There have been others who have come out against Oakland pitcher Mike Fiers for going on-the-record with The Athletic in describing how the Astros cheated in 2017, but for Boston baseball fans Pedro Martinez's perspective on the matter resonates a bit more.

Joining Rob Bradford, Lou Merloni and Mike Mutnansky at Winter Weekend in Springfield Saturday Martinez made it very clear that he is not on board with Fiers approach to outing his former team, the Astros.

"If he was to do it when he was playing for the Houston Astros I would say Mike Fiers has guts. But to go and do it after you leave the Houston Astros because they don’t have you anymore, that doesn’t show me anything," Martinez said. "You’re just a bad teammate."

Martinez went on to explain how he believed Fiers should have handled the situation instead of violating what is perceived as a clubhouse code after leaving Houston. (The current A's pitcher played for the Astros from 2015-17.)

"If you tell me that Mike Fiers is coming to my team and you already threw your team under the bus, the team that you used to play for … Now everybody knows you are going to have a whistle-blower in any other situation too," the former Red Sox ace said. "Whatever happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse and Fiers broke the rules. I agree with cleaning up the game. I agree that the fact that the Commissioner is taking a hard hand on this, but at the same time players should not be the one dropping the whistle-blower."

Martinez added, "If you have integrity you find ways to tell everybody in the clubhouse, ‘Hey, we might get in trouble for this. I don’t want to be part of this.’ You call your GM. You tell him. Or you call anybody you can or MLB or someone and say, ‘I don’t want to be part of this.’ Or you tell the team, ‘Get me out of here, I don’t want to be part of this.’ Then you show me something. But if you leave Houston and most likely you didn’t agree with Houston when you left and then you go and drop the entire team under the bus I don’t trust you. I won’t trust you because did have that rule."