Sean Spicer on OMF: Donald Trump wouldn't be president without Twitter


On Thursday, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer was the mystery guest on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria.

Spicer touched on a number of subjects regarding President Donald Trump and current events, including Trump's use of Twitter.

The former White House press secretary believes Trump would not be president without Twitter.

“It’s not like it hasn’t been discussed — this is him," he said. "Look, the thing that is interesting and he will admit this, I don’t think he would be president without Twitter. I don’t think he believes, and I don’t think conservatives believe, that the majority of media is there to give conservatives a fair shake. The evidence is there, the history is there and he views Twitter as his way of directly speaking to the American people. 

“What I found, and this is interesting, we would sometimes talk about, ‘Well, you know, is this the appropriate time to tweet or whatever?’ Once in awhile you would reflect back and I would go, ‘Wait a second, I have given him 10 pieces of advice. He does what he wants (and) he generally benefits.’ You tell him you’ll never get away with doing that, he does it and he wins these primaries and the general election. 

“I think in his mind he’s going, ‘OK, geniuses, every time you tell me not to do something and I did it, it turned out pretty good. I became president of the United States. You guys told me this wasn’t going to work out.’ It’s hard for him to say, ‘Now that I am elected and I did it my way, tell me that somehow your way is better.’”

Spicer also believes the NFL will be played in the fall, but the regular season will delayed until October.