Tom E. Curran on D&K reacts to report of 'deteriorating relationship' between Tom Brady, Josh McDaniels


On Monday, Gary Myers, a long-time NFL columnist formerly of the New York Daily News, reported Tom Brady had a "deteriorating relationship" with Josh McDaniels, as the quarterback was "worn out" by his offensive coordinator. The report added Brady wanted more input into game plans.

This was part of the reason why he left New England and signed with Tampa Bay this offseason.

The quarterback himself responded Monday night via his Instagram story saying it's "nonsense."

On Tuesday, NBC Sports Boston's Tom E. Curran joined Dale & Keefe to give his take.

“It’s an overstatement," Curran said. "He sexed it up a little bit and I equated it on our email on NBC Sports Boston today as we talk about using it on our shows, as basically Gary is walking into a crash site three or four months after everybody has cleaned up, documented and filed everything and holding something up and saying, ‘Look what I found!’ We know that.

"It wasn’t a deteriorating relationship in my estimation that caused Brady to leave, nor was it a deteriorating relationship where he didn’t like Josh. It’s just that — and we’ve gone over this and over this — they didn’t want him to stick around and they did all the things that are obvious when you want an employee to pretty much move on unless he’s going to do everything by your rules.

"And as a result marginalizing — and we’ve talked about this on this show in October and November -- Brady feeling a little bit marginalized with his role in game planning with his input being not really taken and when taken not used. It was present throughout the year. I don’t think Josh said, ‘I hate that guy. I am not going to listen to anything he says.’ It was more of an outgrowth of, ‘We’re going to do things a certain way and it is not going to highlight as much of what Tom does and that is the way it is going to be. He wasn’t here for OTAs, he wasn’t here for passing camp and we’re going to do the coaching and he’s not.’ You could hear that when he spoke during the season, ‘I don’t coach. I don’t do personnel. They don’t want my input was the subtext, so I am not going to give it.’”