Off Day podcast: Why Patriots likely won't land Jadeveon Clowney


After the Patriots gained close to $7 million in salary cap space over the weekend, the immediate reaction was how will they spend it?

Jadeveon Clowney immediately came to mind as he's still available, but it doesn't seem likely to happen.

On the most recent episode of the Off Day podcast with Andy Hart and Ryan Hannable, it was explained why.

“It’s not that much money," Hart said. "As it was put to me, teams need between $8-10 million for cost of doing business during a NFL season when it comes to the salary cap. That’s per game bonuses that guys will go over because those can be added to your cap, that’s the only not likely to be earned that goes on your cap immediately, but practice squad, injury settlements, additions because of XYZ, etc.”

He added: “All these immediate jumps to Jadeveon Clowney with newfound money, could they try? Sure. They could try and sign right now, but A, I find it hard to believe he’s going from $20-plus million a year to $6 or $5 million, whatever. And then B, now you’re back to where you were trying to create another $8-10 million.”

Hart added it's unlikely the money is used on anyone of significance and it was stun him if Clowney came to New England.

Listen to the full episode below.