10 Boston sports figures recast as HBO characters

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HBO will debut what it hopes will be its next hit show, House of the Dragon, this coming Sunday. In the words of one iconic HBO character, I got to thinking: who would Boston’s most public sports figures be in the world of the Home Box Office? Oh yeah, it’s also August, and I just finished a re-watch of The Wire.

Rules of the game: the person in question must be a current player, coach, manager, or owner in a professional Boston sports franchise. The character must be at least a recurring role in an HBO original series.
Disclaimer: I haven’t watched Deadwood, and nobody is Tony Soprano. Descriptions may contain spoilers.

1. Bill Belichick – Logan Roy, Succession
This pick is obvious to Succession fans. Belichick has built an empire that only he can seem to keep chugging along as he faces his own eventual mortality. Many of his latest moves have left folks on the outside scratching their heads, but his legacy keeps anyone from doubting his genius. It’s also not too much of a stretch to picture Bill shouting a few of Logan’s more colorful catch phrases.

2. Marcus Smart – The Hound (Sandor Clegane), Game of Thrones
The reigning Defensive Player of the Year, much like the Hound, is a divisive figure. They’re both true fighters. But while these men may appear as volatile and even violent at first, they show their true character as honorable and emotionally sympathetic men as you spend more time with them. Both also hope to eventually join the Brotherhood of Banners.

3. Mac Jones – Robb Stark, Game of Thrones
The young heir apparent as King of the North, Mac has big shoes to fill and the basic makeup to lead men into battle. He should caution against attending weddings of his fellow Alabama Crimson Tide. Too much risk at a red wedding.

4. Jake DeBrusk – Jimmy McNulty, The Wire
DeBrusk has a really high ceiling, and when he’s on, he’s hard to match. He’s also not afraid to go against the brass and rub management the wrong way.

5.  Alex Cora – Jon Snow, Game of Thrones
Who else in Boston sports came back from the dead?

6. Jayson Tatum – Vincent Chase, Entourage
The world rests on Tatum’s talented shoulders, much like Vinnie in Entourage. Everything with his crew revolves around his success. Nobody doubts how much he’s accomplished. He’s a star. But how far can he actually go? The 2022 NBA Finals were his Smokejumpers. Hopefully he doesn’t make Medellin.

7. Matt Patricia - Gary, Veep
Unclear what Patricia’s or Gary’s job titles are, and what their responsibilities include, other than attending to every and any of their bosses’ needs. Both men are at their manager’s right hand.

8. Brad Stevens – Cedric Daniels, The Wire
Stevens and Daniels both make one quality their number one priority: dignity. They’re both quiet leaders with high standards who tend to do their best work with a cast of misfits. They appear to be company men. Both get promoted to top brass unexpectedly.

9. Brad Marchand – Roman Roy, Succession
Marchand has graduated from his face-licking days, but he’s still the wild card when it comes to on-ice antics on this Bruins team. Under their bad boy surface qualities, both of these men have a quick wit and the capacity to be wildly successful. Or just wild.

10. Chris Sale – Theon Greyjoy, Game of Thrones
After early success, both slenderly built men suffer their fair share of bad luck and unfortunate injuries. Luckily for Sale, his are not in the same anatomic locations as Theon’s.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports