It looks like the Celtics would have to include Jaylen Brown in any Ben Simmons trade


If the Celtics want to acquire Ben Simmons, it looks like it will cost them Jaylen Brown.

Would you make the deal?

On Friday, Philadelphia sports anchor Jason Dumas reported the 76ers recently turned down an offer from the Pacers that included Malcolm Brogdon and a first-round pick. Now, that’s a pretty nice return: Brogdon, 28, averaged 21.2 points per game in a breakout season with Indiana.

The Pacers will pick No. 13 overall in the NBA Draft.

But apparently, the return wasn’t good enough. Dumas also reports the Sixers “continue to hold a stance that they will only trade (Simmons) for an All-Star caliber player.”

For the Celtics, that means Brown, unless you want to trade Tatum, which is crazy.

There are plenty of cons against Simmons. For starters, he’s been atrocious in the playoffs in three out of four seasons, shooting just 34.2 percent from the free-throw line in Philadelphia's semifinals series against the Hawks. It got so bad, Simmons passed up an easy dunk in Game 7.

Right now, that is the defining moment of his career.

There’s also his contract. Simmons has four years and roughly $147 million left on his current deal. To match salaries, the Celtics would likely have to include either Al Horford or Marcus Smart — along with Brown, if the All-Star asking price is real.

Simmons could fit better with Tatum than Brown, which is worth considering. He’s a great defender and ball-handler.

But it’s hard to see how a nucleus of Tatum and Simmons brings the Celtics closer to championship contention. A trio of Simmons-Brown-Tatum could be interesting, but again, it doesn’t look like Brown would stay under this scenario.

There are better players than Simmons for whom the Celtics could potentially deal Brown, mainly Bradley Beal and Damian Lillard. If Brown has to go, it should be for one of those All-Stars.

Not the guy who’s petrified of shooting the ball.

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