Adam Schefter on GHS makes it clear what he said Sunday about Cam Newton was not a report


On Wednesday morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter joined The Greg Hill Show to give his perspective on what he said Sunday relating to Cam Newton and the Patriots.

“Cam Newton sounded resigned this week to the fact that he’ll be moving on from New England,” Schefter said on ESPN's NFL Countdown. “It looks like he’s looking for something different, the Patriots are looking for something different.

“Both sides enjoyed their relationship, but both sides expect that it will take them to a different place and a different direction in 2021 with Cam Newton likely moving on and the Patriots in search of a new quarterback for next season. We’ll see what direction they decide to go.”

This prompted many websites, as well as ESPN's own SportsCenter Twitter account, to write Schefter is expecting the Patriots and Newton to move on.

Schefter maintains it was not a report, rather just part of a discussion.

“Thank you for asking that, I appreciate it. It was not a report. That’s the part that in my world actually drives me crazy," he said Wednesday. "… On Sunday, Mort [Chris Mortensen] and I were offering our perspective, our perspective about 10 different quarterbacks. It’s an end of the year kind of thing where we rat a tat tat 15-20 second on each quarterback. My little bit on Cam somehow got blown up into a report. It was never a report. It was not a report.

“Again, I went on there and the very first thing that I said is, ‘During his press conference this week, Cam Newton sounded resigned to be leaving New England.’ Which again, you listen to that press conference and spoke to the people who cover the team who were on that call, he sounded like a man resigned to he was leaving. That was how I started that little bit. I said, ‘The relationship between the two sides has been strong.’ How come the report wasn’t, 'Adam Schefter reports the relationship between the sides is strong?'

“I watched it this morning. I said, ‘Both sides are looking for more.’ The Patriots are looking for more in terms of production, wins. Cam Newton is looking for more in terms of weapons around him, contract. Both sides will explore other options. And I think at that point I said, ‘Both sides could be expected to move on, but let’s see what direction they go.’ That was the last statement I made. That was the very last statement. That 20-second perspective thing in a season wrap-up on quarterbacks. And the next thing I know it’s on various websites that I am reporting Cam is one-and-done.”

When giving his informed opinion on what will happen this offseason, he implied everything is on the table as both sides explore their options.

“What I would say, again, let me say this is my opinion, it’s not a report, this is my informed opinion: I think that both sides would like more," Schefter said. "I think there’s great respect between both sides. I think they would be open to working together again. I wouldn’t be shocked if it happens. Do I think the Patriots will explore their other options at quarterback? Absolutely. I think Cam Newton will explore his options out there to see if there is a starting job or an offense that fits him better. Yes. Do I think he’s absolutely moving on? I don’t know that. I don’t know that. And I didn’t report that. Right?

"I think the door is open for him to return. I don’t know that he’ll be back or not. Again, New England is going to sit down and look at all its options — whether that is trading for Matthew Stafford, trading up in the draft, signing a free agent quarterback that is out there - Jameis Winston - there are a lot of different things.

"How could I report that he’s not expected back before they played their final game? I didn’t report that. We were talking about that. He sounded like a guy that was moving on. He sounded like a guy last week before the final game. Now we’ll see how it plays out, as I ended that ‘report,’ we’ll see what direction they go.”

Schefter later said Washington and reuniting with Ron Rivera is the most logical landing spot if Newton leaves New England and his best guess on what a contract would look would be "two years, with incentives, $40-50 million.”