Cam Newton goes into great detail when explaining his out-of-the-ordinary outfit


The line of questioning began in an unusual way.

Playing off Cam Newton’s proclamation on a video blog in April 2019 where he explained the benefits of being celibate — a topic that recently came up when Tom Brady said he doesn’t engage in relations with his wife during the day of game — the Patriots’ quarterback was asked by the Greg Hill Show crew if such an approach was still in play.

“I was celibate for a month,” Newton explained. “That was the challenge I do in the offseason just to try different things. It served its purpose and let’s just say that.”

That led Greg Hill to get into Sunday’s outfit.

“Listen, you aren’t going to remain celibate if you keep wearing outfits like you did yesterday,” Hill said. “That was fantastic. How do you pick that?”

The ensemble in question was an all-yellow suit worn by Newton before and after the Patriots’ win, which was accompanied by a wide-brimmed black hat. Evidently, there was a strategy when putting together the image.

“I met with the counsel, trusted friends, loved ones and we came up with yellow because we felt as if it was in some ways resurrection Sunday. Easter’s finest,” Newton said. “And another notion to the outfit was we wanted it to be like caution tape with the yellow and the black just to get people prepared and aware that Boogie is back.

“It was a lot of double entendres. A lot of meanings to the outfit. I saw a meme yesterday to the Mask. It’s just fun to wear something like that and win.”