Cam Newton explains what's led to 3 straight games with zero turnovers


There's no question the Patriots offense has been much better the last month or so, and one of the biggest reasons why is the team hasn't turned the ball over much.

Cam Newton has just one turnover in his last four games and none in three straight. This comes following he had seven interceptions in his first five games of the year.

Speaking via video conference Wednesday, Newton explained what's changed.

“Just a more overall thought process towards protecting the ball, making smart decisions," he said.

Newton continued: “Just more attention to detail and understanding where you have people coming, going and who is getting out, understanding protections, understanding route concepts, understanding defenses. The more comfortable you are, the better you understand where your outlets are.”

Against Houston, Newton seemed to do better with throwing the ball deep down the field opposed to the shorter passes.

Newton was asked about that Wednesday and got a little defensive.

“Do you play quarterback?” he asked.

“Just like a kicker, let’s say truth be told you practice for, coach speaks to it all the time to have great fundamentals when you need them the most and sometimes the ball just gets away from you, you just kick a bad ball, you shoot a bad shot, you just throw a bad pass," Newton added. "That’s what it is. You have to be more conscientious of those types of throws — mid-range, check downs to the left, or whatever — you just have to stay consistent and that is all I am trying to shoot for.”

The Patriots will host the Cardinals on Sunday afternoon.