Cam Newton gives insight on Bill Belichick: I see a side a lot of people may not see


The Patriots have lost four straight games for the first time since 2000 and at 2-5, sit three-plus games back in the AFC East.

Despite the struggles, Bill Belichick is remaining as steady as ever inside the building, which has stood out to Cam Newton.

"He’s been an immovable target. He’s just been a post. And for me to witness it is something that’s empowering," the quarterback said via video conference Friday. "I see a side of Coach Bill that a lot of people may not see. I see him outside the coaching mode. He’s doing cardio. He’s doing this. He’s walking around. He’s always locked in. It was described to me as having that mental competitive stamina, and he probably has that – even at his age – more than anybody that I’ve ever known. He’s always working. Always crafting. Just something to do with the upcoming situation. In this case, the Jets. He’s always watching stuff with the Jets.

"When I see that, I look at it like ‘I need to be doing something too. I need to be working on my mechanics. I need to be working on my fundamentals. I need to be working on my strength. I need to be working on just the small things.’ Seeing that day in and day out. Early in the morning. Late at night. It just gives you a boost of understanding to say, ‘I always have to be working.’ He’s the head of the ship. For me to see that from him, it starts from top down.”

The Patriots will take on the winless Jets Monday night.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports