Could Cam Newton and Mac Jones both have roles in Patriots offense?


When will Mac Jones become the starting quarterback for the Patriots?

Being the No. 15 overall pick, clearly it will happen at some point, but will it be during his rookie season and he'll overtake Cam Newton, or will it be somewhere down the road?

Speaking on ESPN's Get Up recently, former Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich believes the Patriots are better suited with Jones at quarterback for 2021, but he did pose an interesting thought -- perhaps both could have a role in the offense.

“No I do not (expect a bounce-back season from Newton),” he said, via “This doesn’t come from hate. I’m looking at this perspective of there’s two types of offenses the Patriots will have to run. One completely different offense with Cam Newton, and the other with Mac Jones.

“The team is built right now to have a typical pro-stlye, quarterback-under-center, run the football, 22 personnel, 23 personnel. They’re going to be better-suited with Mac Jones under center.

“And Cam’s still going to have a big role in this offense. You’re going to see him in the red zone. He’s still going to have a big impact on this team. But he’s not going to be the big breakout guy. It’s going to be Mac Jones.”

Could Jones be the No. 1 quarterback and then have Newton come in for some red zone packages? After all, Newton did have 12 rushing touchdowns last season.

It is certainly possible, but would that be something Newton would be open to doing? Would Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels even be open to it?

It's way too early to have a true sense of how things will play out come the regular season since Jones hasn't even had a practice with full pads yet, but it's something to potentially consider.

Featured Image Photo Credit: New England Patriots