Charlie Weis says Belichick wouldn't hesitate to fire his kids from the Patriots' staff


There is an overarching question about the Patriots’ coaching staff that’s difficult to discuss, but necessary to address: would Bill Belichick fire one of his kids?

Both Steve Belichick and Brian Belichick are on his staff. Steve serves as the linebackers coach and de-facto defensive coordinator (along with Jerod Mayo), and Brian coaches safeties. While the Patriots rank towards the top of the league in most defensive categories, their Thanksgiving meltdown against the Vikings has introduced fresh questions about whether they’re capable of stifling good quarterbacks.

Charlie Weis joins the Greg hill show

On “The Greg Hill Show” Tuesday, Charlie Weis, who was Belichick’s offensive coordinator from 2000-04, says he doesn’t think his former boss would treat his kids any differently.

“He would fire his sons. He would. He would fire them, too,” said Weis. “If he felt somebody wasn’t doing what was best for the team, it wouldn’t make a difference who it was. Would he hold the coaches accountable? You betcha. But those guys named ‘Belichick,’ they’re in the accountability group, too. Just so you know.”

Earlier this year, ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio floated the idea that Belichick didn’t name an actual offensive coordinator so he could shield his assistant coaches from scrutiny. "I feel like at some level, that's part of the genius of Bill Belichick, circling the wagons around the coaching staff,” said Florio.

Weis quickly shot that down.

“The guy is the greatest of all-time for a reason,” he said. “‘This is how we run this thing. These are my expectations. And if you don’t run it my way, or meet me expectations, then we’ve gotta find somebody who can.’”

The opaque structure of New England’s staff hasn’t shielded Matt Patricia from criticism, however. Weis stood up for Patricia, too, saying change was inevitable when Josh McDaniels left.

“No matter who you brought in there, it was going to be new,” he said. "It was going to be different. It was not going to be the same, unless you took one of the guys that was on the offensive staff and made him the coordinator. But even then, it’s a new guy doing it for the first time. No matter who did it, there was going to be transition.”

The Patriots offense played its best game of the season against Minnesota, so perhaps the transition is now trending upwards.

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