Danny Amendola reveals he got 4 IVs during the Patriots' historic Super Bowl comeback against the Falcons


Danny Amendola’s clutch two-point conversion sent the Patriots into overtime against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI, cementing their historic comeback from 28-3.

But Amendola’s heroics came at a great physical cost. In a recent interview with Julian Edelman on his “Games With Names” podcast, the now-retired wideout opened up about the beating his body took during that incredible matchup.

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“You guys saw how that game turned out. It was just a long night for us,” said Amendola. “We were running. I probably lost 10 pounds that game of just water weight, just sweating. I remember, I got four IVs, total, the whole game — two before and then two at halftime.”

The IVs worked: Amendola caught eight passes for 78 yards and scored a crucial touchdown that brought the Patriots within eight. A few minutes later, he converted the game-tying two-point attempt.

In overtime, Amendola caught a pass that pushed the Patriots close to the Falcons’ red zone. They finished the drive when James White scampered into the end zone.

At that point, Amendola says the team was operating on pure adrenaline.

“I remember somewhere in the third or the fourth quarter your face, you’re covered in snot, like, nobody gives a s— about anything, you’re bleeding,” he said. “Julian had dip all over his beard. Eye black was running in your eyes. It was like, nobody gave a s— except let’s get to the next series, let’s get to the next drive with as much energy as we possibly can.”

It sure worked out well. Amendola excelled as a postseason performer in his five seasons with the Patriots, and his performance in Super Bowl LI is at the top of the list.

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