Devin McCourty says he wants Tom Brady to come back to the Patriots


What might lure Devin McCourty back to Foxborough for another season?

A reunion with Tom Brady.

Brady to the 49ers?

On NFL Network Saturday, McCourty, who’s played 14 seasons with the Patriots, said he hopes Brady returns to New England.

“What do I want him to do? Go back to New England. I’ll go back, too, if he goes,” said McCourty.

McCourty might be saying that in jest. The 35-year-old safety is also deciding his playing future, telling reporters earlier this month he’s weighing his options.

“I think just figuring out what makes me happy and what God has planned in my life going forward,” he said. “Obviously I still enjoy playing the game of football, but like I said you can’t do it forever. My wife, my kids, just figuring out what’s best for not just me but the whole family unit.”

Judging by those remarks, it seems like McCourty wouldn’t be tempted to play anywhere else next season. But obviously, that’s not the case with Brady.

Later in the segment, McCourty said he could see Brady signing with the Titans and reuniting with ex-teammate Mike Vrabel.

“What I think he’s going to do? He’s going to keep playing. I think a team like the Titans, he has [Mike] Vrabel down there that he played with,” he said. “It’s not too far from his family being on the east coast, different than going all the way out to Vegas. I know Josh McDaniels is there, but you go to Tennessee and [they have a] great running back, good defense, they’ll get some more weapons in there for him to throw the ball to. I can see Tom right there, continuing his great career.”

While McCourty makes some strong points, the Titans would seemingly have to dramatically upgrade their receiving corps to compete with the Raiders.

Then again, so would the Patriots. But at least McCourty would come along with Brady, or so he says.

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