Cam Newton’s poor throwing mechanics are impacting Julian Edelman’s production


It’s quite clear Julian Edelman and Cam Newton are not on the same page.

In the last three games with Newton at quarterback, Edelman has five catches for 44 yards. For the year, Edelman has 21 catches for 315 yards, but 179 of those yards came in Week 2’s loss to the Seahawks.

“Well, we got to figure it out. We got to figure it out,” Newton said via video conference after Sunday’s 33-6 loss to the 49ers. “Our Wi-Fi is definitely off. And it's frustrating because knowing the person Julian is and knowing the body of work that he puts in each and every week and day and from preparation to biometrically with his body, you fall in love with a person like that. And with me, I just want to win. I just want to find a way to win. And here of late, that hasn't been the case.”

When looking further into things, perhaps Newton’s throwing mechanics and not throwing to the right side of the field are playing into Edelman’s lack of production.

Besides not seeing the field well, Newton is opening up his body too much when throwing the football and thus making it extremely difficult to throw to the right side of the field. According to Next Gen Stats, Newton did not throw a single pass to the right side of the field against the 49ers and only did three times against the Broncos, one of which resulted in an interception.

Newton’s issues with throwing to the right side date back to 2019.

According to Sports Info Solutions, on throws outside the hash marks to the left side of the field 85 percent of them were on target, but only 55 percent on throws to the right side of the field.

While it was a small sample size, the trend has continued this year.

As for how it impacts Edelman, the bulk of his 179 yards receiving against Seattle came on routes ran to the middle or right side of the field and then looking at Edelman’s Next Gen route charts it shows the majority of his routes run dating back to last year are to the right side — or at least have him starting on the right side.

Newton only targeted Edelman once on Sunday and it resulted in an interception off a tip on a bad throw.

"From yesterday, I missed them,” he said on The Greg Hill Show Monday morning. “The throw to Julian, that was kind of not being on the same page, but yet that type of route, he did exactly what he was supposed to do."

It’s quite obvious Edelman and Newton need to work on their chemistry, but part of it could be Newton getting better at throwing to the right side of the field and that starts with his mechanics.