Determining how much salary cap space Patriots have left after flurry of moves


The Patriots entered the week with the third-most cap space in the entire NFL at just around $60 million.

But, after adding a number of players in recent days, obviously it’s much, much less now.

With a few more needs on the roster to address, as well was some of their own free agents still out there, it’s worth checking in to see just how much salary cap space they are now working with.

No one is more knowledgeable about the Patriots salary cap than Miguel Benzan (@patscap) and as of late Tuesday, he has the Patriots salary cap at just under $43 million. But, that does not include the additions of Trent Brown, Justin Bethel, Carl Davis, Nelson Agholor, Henry Anderson, or Hunter Henry.

These contract details should come out in the coming days, which will give a better picture, but some estimates can be made now.

Bethel, Anderson and Davis combined should be around $5 million, Henry and Brown should be between $6-9 million each, and then Agholor figures to be just below them between $4-7 million.

Those add up to roughly $25-30 million, so that would leave the Patriots left with somewhere between $15-22 million in cap space.

Signing draft picks needs to be considered and Benzan says the Patriots need to allocate just under $3 million to do that. And as always, players can be cut at any time to free up more cap space.

What all this means is with just under $20 million to work with, while the Patriots can still add a few players in free agency, the majority of their work is done.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports