Julian Edelman on GHS addresses not being named Patriots captain


Last week, the Patriots announced their captains for the 2020 season and some were surprised to see Julian Edelman not one of them, especially considering how long he’s been with the team.

Edelman has never been a captain of the team, even though he came into the league in 2009.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Friday, Edelman was asked if it bothers him at all and he gave off the impression that it doesn’t.

“I think leadership and all that stuff is conveyed in a whole bunch of ways,” he said. “The guys that are captains are captains for a reason. Those guys are unbelievable men. I focus a lot on what I have to do and what I have to do to prepare myself and help my teammates. I am just ready for the season.”

As for having a real game on the schedule for Sunday, Edelman is definitely excited.

“This is why we play the game, to play the games,” he said. “It’s been a crazy offseason on so many different levels. I think my safe place is going out and playing football, so I’m definitely excited. I am excited to see what this team — we have been working hard, we’ve been working together. It’s what you do it for, you do it to go out and play other teams and see what you’re made of. I’m extremely excited.”

The Patriots will host the Dolphins Sunday after Gillette Stadium.