Julian Edelman on GHS discusses what offense needs to do better, Jimmy Garoppolo returning


The Patriots offense hasn't exactly clicked the last few weeks.

With Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham under center against the Chiefs, the unit turned the ball over four times in the 26-10 loss and then last week with Cam Newton back, the unit turned the ball over three times in the 18-10 loss to the Broncos.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Friday morning, Julian Edelman was asked about what he and the offense need to do better.

“I mean obviously we have to catch the ball better," he said. "I think just focusing on the little details of each play and getting back to fundamental football. It’s been a weird year and your mind wonders here and there. You’re practicing, you’re not practicing, all these things, these factors -- the best teams are the teams that are going to be able to focus on all those little route details, play details, scheme details and trying to play that to the best of your ability. When you start playing those little games, that’s when you play your best football, or at least I play my best football.”

The Patriots will face the 49ers this week at Gillette Stadium, which will be their first time facing Jimmy Garoppolo since the 2017 trade.

"Jimmy, he can play football," Edelman said. "He's got that little gun-slinger mentality. He's got that quick release. He's handsome. He's got it all. I don’t play against Jimmy G, I’ll play against the defense, I’ll be playing against the 49ers defense. But, it will be weird and kind of cool to see him in my hometown uniform that I grew up watching coming to Foxborough to play us this weekend.”

Sitting at 2-3, the Patriots desperately need a win this weekend.