Kendrick Bourne responds to Colts LB who said they want to make Patriots 'one-dimensional'

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On Monday, Colts linebacker Bobby Okereke said they want to make the Patriots offense "one-dimensional" Saturday night and force Mac Jones to beat them.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Patriots wide receiver Kendrick Bourne responded.

“I think that’s just funny,” Bourne said when asked about the comments. “Obviously, we’re not a one-dimensional team. Last week (against Buffalo), we ran the ball, but conditions are conditions. So that’s just a funny comment to me. I feel like we can do anything. We’re in control of what we do. It’s literally not about any other team. It’s about us.”

Bourne has confidence in his rookie quarterback.

“Mac knows the looks, we know the looks, we’ve practiced different looks, so nothing is a shock,” he said. “Nothing is new. It’s like, OK, we’ve seen this look, we’ve seen this look, how do we adjust to the look? That way, you can’t make us one-dimensional, because we know every look, or we’ve at least practiced or tried every look.

“So that’s just a funny comment, in my opinion, but it’s all about playing on Sunday, for sure, and proving it. That’s what I’ll say about that.”

Bourne is the leading Patriots receiver this season with 623 receiving yards. Because of such a low number as their high, many are over-looking their receiving group.

“I definitely do think we’re under-respected,” Bourne said. “Overall, I think we are. But our receiver group, yeah, we don’t have top guys that they say or whatever, but New England’s kind of the place where you don’t need superstars. You don’t need the star. You just need the disciplined role player that can be a star in his own role, and that’s kind of how I look at myself. … I think our group has flown under the radar, but winning and everything else speaks for itself, so I think that’s what it’s ultimately about.”

The Patriots enter the matchup in first place in the AFC at 9-4, while the Colts are 7-6 and playing their best football of the season.

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