Kurt Warner once again rips the Patriots' offense, says he’d be ‘bored to death’ as QB


Kurt Warner is not a fan of the Patriots’ offense.

Last week, the Super Bowl champion picked apart New England’s rudimentary system in an extensive hourlong video breakdown — and that was following a game against the Vikings in which the Patriots scored 26 points.

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While they were held scoreless in the fourth quarter, it was maybe their best offensive performance of the season.

Suffice to say, Warner wasn’t any kinder when speaking to the Herald’s Karen Guregian following the Patriots’ 24-7 loss to the Bills last Thursday night.

“This year, it’s very basic and simple. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. But for a guy like me, I’d be bored to death,” he said. “I’d hate to have the same concepts over and over, even if they’re good quality concepts. I like creativity. I like options as a quarterback. And, they don’t do a lot of that.”

It’s apparent the Patriots don’t trust Mac Jones to throw the ball downfield, hence their penchant for calling check downs on 3rd-and-long. On Thursday night, Jones was caught screaming about how the Patriots need to “throw the [expletive] ball!”

After the game, Kendrick Bourne said the Patriots needed to “scheme better” on third down, an indirect shot at struggling offensive play-caller Matt Patricia.

Warner told the Herald the Patriots just aren’t creative on that side of the ball.

“(They have) all kinds of issues, but it’s the same basic, non-creative plays each week,” he said. “Just fascinating that they decided to try this experience and think it really had a chance to thrive early.”

The Patriots’ offense is so bad, even Bill Belichick’s most fervent supporters are starting to question his strategy. Long-time Friend of Belichick Mike Lombardi recently laid into the offense during his own video review.

“To me, when I watch the Patriots, they don’t have an offense. They just run a bunch of plays,” he said.

Warner couldn’t have said it better himself.

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