Matthew Slater: Jack Easterby remains good friend, couldn't have predicted role in Houston


Jack Easterby certainly has had a unique path in the NFL.

After serving as the Patriots' team chaplain for several years, he joined the Texans in 2019 and now after Bill O'Brien was fired earlier in the year he's serving as the interim GM.

Appearing on Mut at Night Monday with Mike Mutnansky and Andy Hart, Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater acknowledged he could not have predicted Easterby now holding the role that he does.

“I am not sure he would say he’s running the team if you asked him. He’s just trying to serve and do a good job and lead people the right way," he said. "My relationship with him has been a very special one. He’s been a very big influence in my life personally, especially as far as my faith development has gone.

"I didn’t know what the Lord had in store for Jack, certainly wouldn’t have predicted all this all those years ago. He’s been faithful from the task, the work, he’s tried to do things the right way, he’s tried to treat people the right way. I am happy to see him have success and he remains a good friend to this day. He’ll always have my support and I wish him well with all he does.”

Easterby has upset some in New England after he tried to steal Nick Caserio away from the Patriots the summer before the 2019 season.

The Patriots will take on the Texans Sunday in Houston.