Is Trey Lance a fit for Patriots? 'Heck yes,' says NFL Draft expert


Considering he played at North Dakota State and appeared in just one game this past fall, quarterback Trey Lance is a tough evaluation for teams, especially when he could be selected in the top 10.

The Patriots are one of those teams considering him as their QB of the future, and potentially making a trade to move up and get him.

Speaking on a video conference with reporters earlier in the week, NFL Media's Daniel Jeremiah was asked about him and his potential fit with the Patriots.

"So would he be a fit for the Patriots? Heck yes," he said.

Jeremiah also went into detail on what Lance brings to the table.

“He had responsibility in terms of protections," the NFL Network analyst said. "He had responsibility in terms of checks. So he had a lot more on his plate than most guys, especially in his first year as a starter they put a lot more on those guys. And then just the variety of offense that they ran, being under center a lot for one thing, which you just don't see much anymore in college football. A lot of play action back to the defense, those things, full progression reads. So he's played in a complex, complicated system where he had a good amount of responsibility on his shoulders, and so even though the starts are what they are, you've got 17 starts to work off of, the guy is -- what we know like is irrefutable. He's built like a brick house, so he's going to be durable. He's going to add to your running game because you can use some designed quarterback run game, which he's built to handle.

"He's incredibly intelligent, and that's -- I've spent time with him, and I've talked to a bunch of teams that have spent time with him and have been kind of blown away through the interview process with him. The character, the work ethic, all that stuff is exceptional from everybody that you talk to there at North Dakota State. So all those things like we know going in he's got all that stuff. Now there's some mechanical things he can work on, like he bounces on his toes a little bit when he gets to the top of his drop and then he'll sink before he throws and you'll see it impact his accuracy. That stuff is all fixable. John Beck and those guys have been working on that. He's going to be able to clean that stuff up. Everything you have you love, and the things that aren't maybe where you want them, are all correctable. That's why, yeah, I'm in. I know the limited number of games. I get all that. But when you have a guy with this skill set and then you match the skill set with the intelligence that he has, he's going to figure it out. I firmly believe it."

Many believe the soon-to-be 21-year-old would benefit from a full year as a backup in the NFL.

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