NFL Analyst: Cam Newton will be Patriots starting QB


Cam Newton might just start every game in New England in 2021.

Or…after a tough first season in Foxborough, maybe Newton won’t even make the Patriots opening day roster come September.

Or…Newton could be in a “real competition” with upstart first-round rookie Mac Jones.

It seems everyone has an opinion as to how the Patriots quarterback position will play out. Yet no one, not even likely Bill Belichick at this point, really knows what the future holds for Newton, Jones and the team.

Until it all plays itself out on the practice and games fields, we’re left to continue to digest various prognostications on the subject.

Today brings longtime NFL Films producer and known All-22 film maven Greg Cosell’s thoughts on Newton and the Patriots QB job.

“I think it will be Cam Newton,” Cosell said on a recent appearance on The Ross Tucker Football Podcast. “I think what they did in free agency, and again it’s always difficult to get into the head of Bill Belichick as you well know, Ross. But I think what they did in free agency, what they’ve done the last couple years, indicates that this could be a little bit of an old-school offense built on the run game. Let’s play with two tight ends with Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith. I thought Damien Harris looked very good last year when he got the opportunity to play before some injuries kicked in. They still have Sony Michel. They actually drafted a big physical runner, Rhamondre Stevenson, in the fourth round out of Oklahoma. I think you are going to see a little bit of 12 personnel. They’ll be a little old-school. They’ll try to run the ball. They’ll try to control tempo of games. And they’ll try to win that way. And of course Cam Newton fits extremely well into a run-based offense because you’ve got the quarterback run game. So Cam Newton will be the starting quarterback.”

So noted.

Time will tell.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images