Randy Moss cites his experience with Belichick when arguing why Patriots are a fit for OBJ

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Randy Moss knows a little something when it comes to the Patriots revitalizing disgruntled receivers. In fact, he lived the experience first-hand.

He thinks Odell Beckham Jr. could follow a similar path.

On ESPN’s “Monday Night Countdown,” Moss likened OBJ’s situation to his struggles in Oakland before the Patriots acquired him during the 2007 NFL Draft.

“You talk about this as his last chance. I remember them talking about me going into my 10th year, ‘This is my last chance,’” Moss said. “This is the reason I’m talking about the New England Patriots. They have a young stud in Mac Jones; Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick being able to keep his mind right.”

Belichick and McDaniels may be able to reach Beckham, but it’s uncertain how he’ll mesh with a rookie quarterback. OBJ was a negative on Baker Mayfield’s development in Cleveland. The Browns put up 41 points in OBJ’s absence, with his replacement, Donovan Peoples-Jones, catching a 60-yard touchdown strike. It was longer than any of Beckham’s plays over the last two seasons. He has just 41 catches over that span.

The Browns released Beckham after his father had posted a video highlighting the times Mayfield failed to target his wide-open son.

While Moss was a colossal bust with the Raiders — 102 catches in two seasons — he was still more productive, and less injured, than Beckham. The Patriots also had Tom Brady under center.

That factor can’t be overlooked.

There’s also the question of cost. The Patriots only surrendered a fourth-round pick for Moss, one of the greatest steals in modern NFL history. Any team that claims OBJ would inherit the remaining $7.25 million of his salary for the remainder of the season. That’s not a bargain, and besides, the Patriots have roughly $3 million in cap space.

If Beckham clears waivers, he would be a free agent, and able to sign a new contract with any team. His road to New England, or anywhere else, likely goes through the bargain aisle.

But whether the journey will result in chaos or success is anybody’s guess.

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