Chris Simms: Tom Brady not as talented as Ryan Tannehill, Justin Herbert


Chris Simms is in the midst of releasing his annual quarterback rankings in the NFL and on Monday he ranked Tom Brady No. 10.

For perspective, Justin Herbert was No. 11 and Dak Prescott was No. 9, which is as high as the rankings have been released to this point.

On his podcast, Chris Simms Unbuttoned, he went a little deeper into his explanations and noted he believes from a talent perspective, Ryan Tannehill (No. 12) and Herbert are more talented than the Tampa Bay QB, but his leadership has him ahead of those two players.

"His talent, it’s not as good as Ryan Tannehill or Justin Herbert, but I gave a little bit more to leadership and edge and things like that – your team’s belief because of you," he said. "That’s where Brady’s special. He’s the greatest leader in the history of the sport."

Simms also said Brady is a better quarterback in Tampa Bay than he was in New England towards the end.

“We saw a different Tom Brady last year," he said. "... Brady’s arm has never been the question. The last few years in New England, unwillingness to stand in there in the pocket, take hits, do things to throw the ball down the field. He had great, great pass protection last year and of course had weapons, but to me that’s where he redefined himself. That’s why they won the Super Bowl, because he was willing to stand in there in the pocket and push the ball down the field."

Simms will continue with his rankings over the next few weeks.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports