Tedy Bruschi: Tom Brady will want to 'crush the Patriots'


Tedy Bruschi is a good source when it comes to gleaning information about Tom Brady’s and Bill Belichick’s mindsets. So when he talks about how they’ll feel heading into their big showdown Oct. 3, it’s probably worth listening.

For the GOAT, Bruschi says his return to Gillette Stadium will be a supercharged affair. The Patriots Hall of Famer revealed his thoughts Wednesday about the revenge game on ESPN’s “Get Up.”

“Throughout the course of the week, he’ll say all the right things and he’ll act the right way, and he’ll get his team to say all the right things too,” Bruschi said, per Boston.com. “But he can’t contain himself. “Those emotions, they’re just a fire in there that he’s always had. He’ll feel it, and he’ll want to crush the New England Patriots. He’ll want to score 30 to 40 points. That’s just who he is, no matter if it’s a divisional rival or it’s his old team. Brady will be emotionally, possibly, out of control at times.”

We’ve seen Brady lose it on the sidelines many times — from “Let’s Go!!!” to shouting matches with Josh McDaniels. There’s no doubt he’s going to let his emotions fly.

Belichick, meanwhile, will almost certainly play it cool.

“Which one of them do I feel detaches better than the other?,” Bruschi said. “For me, it’s Bill Belichick, so for him, emotions won’t be there.”

Though we know Brady is returning to Gillette Stadium, we don’t know whom the Patriots will have under center. Bruschi, for what it’s worth, says Newton will be the guy.

“From what I’m hearing, they’re excited to see Cam in terms of what he can do with who they got for him,” Bruschi said. “The two tight ends, more throws in between the numbers, which is better for Cam. They got the players who can do that, and once in a while take a shot, and they got some receivers who can go deep now, too.”

The Patriots definitely played conservatively on offense in 2020. Newton’s average depth of target was just 7.3 yards — tied for 34th in the league. New England ranked 30th overall in passing yards.

Adding more talent should make the offense more explosive — at least in theory. The Patriots spent a record-setting nearly $160 million in guaranteed money on free agents, including tight ends Jonnu Smith ($31.25 million) and Hunter Henry ($24 million) and receivers Nelson Agholor ($16 million) and Kendrick Bourne ($7.25 million).

But it's uncertain whether Newton can take advantage of these new toys. He spent much of last season throwing the ball into the turf. After multiple shoulder surgeries, his arm strength just isn't the same.

“They’re excited to see what all of these additions along the offensive line, with Trent Brown coming back, Cam being their best running back, and him hitting throws — high percentage throws — they’ve got the right people for it,” Bruschi said. “They’re excited to see him.”