CBS analyst Trent Green was just as bad Sunday as Patriots’ offense


An ugly football game at Gillette Stadium Sunday had the commentary to match. While the Patriots and Jets traded punts, CBS analyst Trent Green filled the broadcast with white noise.

It’s hard to think of anything memorable that Green said during New England’s brutal 10-3 victory over the Jets. And the one time Green attempted to offer actual commentary, he was dead wrong.

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With the Patriots sitting at 4th-and-3 from the Jets’ 36-yard line late in the third quarter, Green was emphatic they should punt, despite the fact they were in one of their best positions to score all game (sad but true).

“I’d be shocked if they go here and give them field position,” said Green.

When the Patriots lined up, Green insisted they were just trying to catch the Jets offsides. Then they went for it. Rhamondre Stevenson ran to the left side for no gain.

That amazing display of football was apparently all Green needed to see the other side.

“I like the aggressiveness, but I just don’t know about the field position,” he said. “You’re giving up that yardage. Maybe you’re thinking, ‘We’re gonna pin them down in there like we have the last couple of times.’ The Jets haven’t been able to do anything offensively. I think they have three yards in the second half.”

Green proved himself wrong within a matter of seconds. It was astounding. True to form, the Jets went 3-and-out, and somehow lost 11 yards doing it.

The Jets were so bad on offense, some of their most explosive plays came by way of penalty. Early in the first quarter, Raekwon McMillan was flagged for roughing the kicker, even though he barely got under Jets punter Bradley Mann.

Nevertheless, Green was certain McMillan was going to be flagged for a 15-yard penalty.

“Oh he’s signaling it’s only going to be five? I’m surprised it’s just a 5-yard penalty. But that’s what they’re saying it is,” said Green.

In Green’s defense, he is an ex-quarterback, and there wasn’t much offense to analyze Sunday. Then again, Green called Bailey Zappe’s start against the Browns (the Patriots scored 38 points)!, and didn’t offer anything of substance.

But hey, Green will probably get a third crack at the Patriots this season. Sunday’s 10-3 slog was a nice way to guarantee more games with CBS’ C-team.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports