Twitter reacts to controversial sack in Patriots-Chiefs game


The Twitter referees were out and about for "Monday Night Football"... and we have to say, we think they were onto something here.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was hit in the backfield and appeared to lose control of the ball as he was going down, but before the Patriots could recover and celebrate the turnover, the referees had blown the play dead. It looked like a turnover to practically everyone watching the game: you can watch the play and be the judge yourself if you happened to have missed it in real time.

As expected, Bill Belichick wasn't too happy with the call, putting the NFL's mask protocols on hold for a moment. We'll see if it comes back to bite him, seeing as the league made the punishments more severe for violating these rules.

Players, active and former, didn't like the call at all, whether they were (likely) rooting for the Patriots or for the Chiefs.

Check out the rest of the NFL Twitterverse and how they viewed the play... and in this instance, be ready for a rare consensus among the various MNF viewers.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)