Ty Law: It's ‘BS’ to say the Patriots weren’t mentally ready to play against the Bills


Ty Law watched the Bills dominate the Patriots from the start to finish Saturday, just like everybody else. Three days later, the five-time Pro Bowler still can’t figure out what went wrong with his former club.

On “The Greg Hill Show” Tuesday, Law said he noticed the Patriots were overmatched before the Bills even went up two scores.

“The first thing I saw was the body language. I always look at that when I’m watching — who has the best body language; how you’re playing in the first couple of plays,” he said. “They did not come to play, and I cannot put my finger on it, because this is the playoffs. I was so disappointed.”

Why were the Patriots not ready to play? Many have placed blame on Bill Belichick and the coaching staff, given they got off to another slow start. The Patriots dropped four of their final five games, and fell behind in the first quarter each time.

The Patriots’ effort didn’t improve as the night progressed. As you’ve surely heard by now, the Bills didn’t punt at the end of a single possession. At times, Patriots defenders looked like they were playing on skates.

Law, who won three Super Bowls with the Patriots, says he finds it difficult to believe any NFL player wouldn’t be ready in the postseason — especially on a Belichick-coached team.

“I call bulls—,” Law said. “How are you not mentally ready to go? You know what the stakes are, you’ve been playing football your whole life. I don’t buy that at all. If you can’ do it yourself, one of your teammates should’ve taped you on the shoulder to get you right. Not mentally prepared to play? That’s a personal issue. That shouldn’t be a team issue. This is the playoffs, man. There ain’t no excuses like that. What could possibly happen after somebody has won that many rings? I don’t buy that.”

Regardless of the reasons, the Patriots got smoked. You can hear Law’s full interview below (his take on the Patriots not being ready starts at 2:30):

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