Ty Law on GHS: Patriots would've won Super Bowl XXXVI with Drew Bledsoe at QB and not Tom Brady


On Thursday, former Patriots cornerback Ty Law joined The Greg Hill Show to help settle a debate of whether of not the Patriots would have won Super Bowl XXXVI with Drew Bledsoe at quarterback and not Tom Brady.

“If Drew Bledsoe was playing we would have still won," Law said. "No disrespect, everyone knows Tom is the greatest, what did he do that game besides the last [drive]? 146 yards passing. Hell, me and you can go out there and get 140. … I am not saying that he didn’t play great. I am just saying I agree with Wiggy [Jermaine Wiggins] when it comes to if Drew Bledsoe was playing quarterback at that time and that game we would have still won.

"It was about the defense. Not taking away from anything and Wiggins had some great catches down the stretch, plus catches, but Drew Bledsoe could have made those throws. It wasn’t those the average quarterback couldn’t make. He wasn’t the Tom Brady that he is right now, he was just becoming Tom Brady so we were more than confident whoever was going to start that game, the pressure was on the defense and we knew we had to stop The Greatest Show on Turf and we did that.”

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