Giants kicker says team moved Super Bowl practice inside to evade Patriots' spying


Two-time Super Bowl-winning kicker Lawrence Tynes is renewing his rivalry with the New England Patriots and their fans.

The outspoken retired placekicker dredged up the specter of the Patriots' infamous Spygate scandal during a radio appearance on Wednesday. It's a line of attack Tynes has used over the years while mixing it up with New England fans on social media.

This time Tynes detailed, apparently for the first time, the extent of the New York Giants' paranoia leading up to their historic clash with the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII in February 2008.

Big Blue was looking to knock off the previously unbeaten Pats in the big game, Tynes told Fescoe in the Morning on KCSP in Kansas City, and head coach Tom Coughlin was all too aware of the recent allegations of cheating lodged against New England.

"In New York our practice facility was near a hotel -- it was like two miles away, but it was an elevated hotel," Tynes said. "And you could literally look into our practice field if you were on one of the upper floors. And Coach Coughlin that whole week, we practiced in our indoor facility. We wouldn't go outside because of that reason.

"There were rumors back in the day when Bill Parcells was there that someone did that. So there's kind of been this story in New York, that 'Hey we're going to play a big game, we're going to the indoor facility.' Everyone is so paranoid during the Super Bowl, and football season."

Tynes, who delivered the go-ahead kick at frigid Lambeau Field to send the Giants to the first of their two Super Bowl appearances under Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning, said he always remained suspicious of the Patriots in the wake of the Spygate allegations.

"There's a lot of smoke and a lot of questions -- obviously we'll revisit those when Tom's done -- but I mean there's a lot of things where you kind of just raise your eyebrows and go, 'wow.' For me it's the camera thing -- spying on the pregame, or the first 10 scripted plays in the domes. That, to me -- there had to be something there."

For Tynes, beating the vaunted Patriots makes his Super Bowl rings shine a little brighter -- and gives him extra ammo when he comes across their fans.

"Any time you can beat the Belichick-Brady -- I mean their fans are obnoxious, they're disgusting. Anything Boston? Yeah, I still talk a lot of crap to Patriots fans, because you see what they are now without Tom. But yeah, it's always good when you can beat Brady and Belichick."

Tynes, who retired after 2012, has high praise for Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who held the same position with the Giants during their Super Bowl runs.

Spags has a unique knack for listening to his players and incorporating their input into his game plans and in-game adjustments, Tynes explained, which sets him apart from many coaches and makes him a favorite of those who play for him.

The coach is "one of the best coordinators in football," added Tynes, who compared Chiefs standout Tyrann Mathieu to former Giants defensive captain Antonio Pierce.

Tynes, who spent the first three seasons of his career in Kansas City before joining the Giants, is picking the Chiefs to win a high-scoring affair.

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