Dave Ziegler’s comments give glimpse into what Patriots' front office might look like


Following Nick Caserio departing the Patriots for Houston this offseason, there was a question of who will take over his role?

Dave Ziegler, the Patriots’ assistant director of player personnel, figured to be one, especially after withdrawing his name from consideration for the Broncos general manager’s job that he interviewed for.

But, who else? After all, Caserio wore many hats and was involved in a number of different things.

Speaking to Patriots.com’s Megan O’Brien recently, Ziegler dropped some names that could play bigger roles than in the past.

“It’s been fun, and it’s been challenging,” Ziegler said of his new role. “It’s been a new level of having to be ultra-organized, prioritize tasks and be involved on just a greater scope with more people in the organization, which has been fun. Luckily for me, the support here within the scouting department from people like Brian Smith and Steve Cargile, Eliot Wolf — I could keep naming people, but we have so many good people here that offer support, that have experience, that it’s made the transition pretty seamless.”

So, Brian Smith, Steve Cargile and Eliot Wolf.

Smith has been with the Patriots since 2000 and is entering his 10th season as college scouting coordinator. He’s been heavily involved in the draft for awhile, so it doesn’t appear his role will change all that much.

Cargile is going into his 11th season with the Patriots and is a pro scout. Given his experience within the organization, perhaps he could be in line for more duties.

And then Wolf joined the Patriots last offseason as a scouting consultant, but has a great deal of experience around the league. He was the Browns’ assistant GM in 2018 and 2019 and before that spent 14 years in the Packers’ front office. The Patriots could tap into his experience and give him a number of duties working alongside Ziegler.

The Patriots have never been big on titles, but based on Ziegler’s comments expect these three to have more duties in 2021.