Will Patrick Mahomes share the Madden '22 cover with Tom Brady?

The internet is full of speculation after a cryptic teaser was released on Monday.
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes Photo credit USA Today

On Monday morning, the people behind Madden '22 chose chaos. The official Twitter account of the popular video game released a trailer for this year's cover athlete reveal, and reader, it's a doozy:

First of all, what a weird video. Just deeply weird across the board. The two-goat system, however, has Twitter deeply curious whether one of the cover athletes might, in fact, be Pat Mahomes:

So even though we don't know who the two athletes are yet, we definitely know who the two athletes are. In theory, Brady and Gronk make some sense, but the evidence seems pretty overwhelming at this point. Soon Chiefs fans will be able to buy the latest version of a beloved video game *while* constantly being reminded about their Super Bowl 55 loss. How fun! It'd be Mahomes' second Madden cover in three years, with his first coming in 2020.