Alex Cora confirms Chris Sale will be in the rotation for ALCS

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Merloni and Fauria
M&F - Alex Cora joins us to talk ALDS win, his emotions postgame, Chris Sale, the Astros and more 10-13-21
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Chris Sale is going to start games for the Red Sox in the ALCS, Alex Cora confirmed Wednesday to Merloni and Fauria.

During his weekly interview spot, Cora said the Red Sox are counting on sale to deliver for them against Houston, despite his late-season struggles and woeful performance in the ALDS. In fact, Cora says he was ready to use Sale if they had a lead in the ninth inning of Game 4.

“He’s still in the rotation. He’s going to be a big part of what we’re trying to accomplish,” Cora said. “He was probably going to come in with a lead in the ninth, because the way they were set up with lefties, there were a lot of good matchups for him. He’s ready, he’s great. He’s part of the rotation.”

Going forward, Sale’s performance may be the biggest x-factor for the Red Sox when it comes to serving Houston. It’s a miracle they won Game 2 against the Rays, even though Sale allowed five runs in his only inning of work.

Cora says the Red Sox believe they’ve identified the mechanical issues hurting Sale.

“A lot of work in between starts, a lot of video to try and find ‘what are we missing?’ It feels like it’s mechanics,” Cora said. “There was a big film session two days ago and people just looking at a few things, and hopefully we found it. From now on, he’s going to be Chris Sale for us, and give us the opportunity to win ballgames.”

The ALCS will begin Friday night. Sale has pitched three playoff games against the Astros, allowing 11 runs in 13.2 innings.

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