David Ortiz also seems befuddled that Red Sox traded Mookie Betts


The conversation after the Dodgers' Game 1 win in the World Series was predictable: Why did the Red Sox trade Mookie Betts?

The outfielder did a little of everything in playing a starring role Tuesday night, hitting a home run while dominating on the basepaths with two stolen bases and a mad dash home.

It led to the obvious question, one which Alex Rodriguez posed to David Ortiz on the FOX Sports postgame show.

"You're Mr. Red Sox," Rodriguez said. "Why did you trade this guy, Mookie Betts?"

Ortiz couldn't keep a straight face while responding.

“I wasn’t the GM,” he said. “I would’ve given some of my salary to sign him. It is what it is. Dodgers, enjoy Mookie!"