David Ortiz shooting case is still active, says former Boston police commissioner Ed Davis


It’s been two years since David Ortiz was shot at a bar and lounge in his native Dominican Republic. And Boston’s top cop is off the still-active case.

Former Boston police commissioner Ed Davis is no longer working on behalf of Ortiz to further investigate the shooting, reports Dan Shaughnessy. The columnist phoned Davis for a recent notes column.

“The case is still going on,” he said. “There’s a lot of people involved in this that are very powerful down there. It’s just a long-term thing and I can’t get into the details. I have a responsibility to my client.”

More than a dozen suspects remain in custody, though there haven’t been new revelations in a long time. Back in June 2019, Dominican authorities said Ortiz was accidentally shot, spurring questions about the legitimacy of their conclusion. Ortiz hired Davis that August to dig deeper.

He told Shaughnessy they provided the Dominican government with additional information about the incident, but didn’t specify what it is.

“The bottom line on it is this: This is a very complicated and still-dangerous situation that we’re looking at,” he said. “We provided the government down there with important information and there’s still no resolution.”

Following the shooting, Ortiz stayed at Massachusetts General Hospital for roughly six weeks, not getting discharged until late July. The Dominican National Police, one of the most corrupt units in the world, say the shooter’s real intended target was sitting next to Ortiz at the bar that fateful night.