Kevin Youkilis admits he'll probably be homer as Red Sox analyst


Kevin Youkilis is upfront about whom he’ll be rooting for this season while sitting in NESN’s studios: the hometown nine.

On a Zoom call Wednesday, the Greek God of Walks admitted he’ll probably support the Red Sox from behind the desk. “I’ll probably be a homer,” he said. “I’m not going to lie to you.”

Youkilis is one of four new NESN analysts this season, along with Ellis Burks, Mo Vaughn and Jonathan Papelbon. The first three were present for the Zoom session.

When asked about why he was deciding to pursue TV, Youkilis joked it was too prove he doesn’t have a face for radio.

He says he can be both biased and insightful.

“You can still be a homer and analyze,” Youkilis said. “When you have to analyze a situation, fans are drawn into people in the broadcast booth or analysts within the game for certain reasons. But we have the ability, when a player makes a mistake, it’s probably more of a mental mistake than physical mistake. So if we can walk through why these mistakes are made, it’s probably better for the fans.”

“Youk” was a fan favorite around these parts, batting .287 with an .875 OPS in nine seasons with the Red Sox. He was an integral part of the 2007 championship team, and one of Theo Epstein’s most-heralded draft picks.

Given Youkilis’ place in the analytics movement — he’s a central early character in Michael Lewis’ “Moneyball” — it was interesting to hear his thoughts on the current state of baseball, where the three true outcomes reign.

In a possible preview of his studio work, he defended the game’s direction, and said it’s always changing.

“The game always evolves in different ways,” Youkilis said. “If you love this game, you’ve just go to adapt with it.”