Nomar looked incredible at the Rams playoff game Monday night

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The stars came out Monday to see the Rams play their first playoff game at SoFi Stadium. But nobody looked as good as Nomar Garciaparra.

The former Red Sox star, who moved out to California when he signed with the Dodgers as a free agent in 2006, still looks like he could step onto the field and hit .300. While Nomar’s chiseled frame was hidden underneath his hoodie, you can tell he’s in excellent shape.

Plus, it seems like Southern California has agreed with him. Nomar appears tan and rested.

Garciaparra wasn’t the only ex-Boston sports star in attendance to see the Rams dominate the Cardinals. Mookie Betts was there as well, and he was just straight out vibing.

It’s hard to believe, but Nomar, a California native, has now been a mainstay in SoCal for much longer than he ruled Boston. He’s been part of the Dodgers’ TV broadcasting team since 2014 and is a minority investor in Los Angeles F.C. Garciaparra lives with his wife, Olympic gold medalist and World Cup champion Mia Hamm. They have twin girls and one son.

Nomar hasn’t been at the forefront of our minds for a while, but he was an iconic figure for Boston sports fans who came of age in the late 90s and early aughts. His idiosyncratic habit of stepping out of the box and feverishly readjusting his batting gloves was mimicked in little league fields across New England. Oh yeah, and Nomar was better than Jeter, that whole diving into the stands thing aside. Nomar slashed .323/.370/.553 with 178 home runs in nine seasons with the Red Sox.

He was rightfully inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2014. Nomah Forevah.