Pedro rips the Red Sox: ‘I just don’t see where the path is’


Count Pedro Martinez among those who doesn’t understand what the Red Sox are doing.

On MLB Network this week, the electric right-hander lit up his former team, publicly questioning Chaim Bloom and where he’s taking the franchise.

Pedro is publicly questioning the direction of the Red Sox

“I just don’t see where the path is, really, for the Red Sox,” said Martinez. “They have a headache with [Rafael] Devers. They have a headache with the most consistent player they’ve ever had, Xander Bogaerts. They just got rid of [Christian] Vazquez, who figured that out in the middle of the field. I have a hard time understanding where the thought process is.”

The Red Sox were seemingly both buyers and sellers at the trade deadline, dealing away Christian Vazquez and acquiring first baseman Eric Hosmer, whose salary will almost be entirely paid by the Padres.

In between, Boston also acquired struggling outfielder Tommy Pham and catcher Reese McGuire.

It’s apparent the decision to trade Vazquez rankled a lot of people close to the club, including Martinez. The stalwart catcher was allowed to take batting practice with the team this week minutes before he was officially traded — a testament to his importance.

“It was a tough day, right?,” said Alex Cora on MFM Thursday when asked about Vazquez’s final moments with the team. “I had an idea what was going on, and we actually informed Christian right before our batting practice there was a chance he was gonna get traded. It was just a matter of the medicals and the other stuff that goes into these kinds of things. He was in the clubhouse and said, ‘Can I go out and hit?’ And I said, ‘Of course. Just go out there.’ I know what he wanted to do: just one more time, just to be a Red Sox.”

Martinez is also the second franchise legend to criticize the Red Sox for not proactively re-signing Bogaerts or Devers. Last month, David Ortiz called on the Red Sox to pay both stars.