Yankees fans were on another level with anti-Astros chants: 'F–k Altuve!'


Giancarlo Stanton is a tough cookie. He got hit in the face, more directly in the face than even Bryce Harper a week ago, back in 2014 with the Marlins and was somehow able to retake the field without any fear the next season despite suffering multiple facial fractures. He's broken bones, suffered a multitude of other injuries, played in one of the toughest markets in baseball with huge expectations (and financial pressures) and more.

And even he was willing to admit that the treatment the New York Yankees fans gave the Houston Astros on Tuesday night was a lot to handle. Warning: below clips contain NSFW language.

"It did, it did," Stanton said of whether the game felt like a playoff atmosphere. "It seemed like they (the fans) were standing up most of the game, and every pitch, and definitely expressing some bottled up emotions.

"...That was intense. I wouldn't want to be on the other side of that. They brought something heavy."

Yankees manager Aaron Boone agreed that it felt like a playoff atmosphere, saying that this sort of energy hasn't been felt since 2019.

"It was intense. It was. You could feel it when you walked out there, when I walked out 15 minutes before the game, it got your attention," Boone said before referring to the Altuve-based chants. "I don't know that I've seen that."

Altuve wasn't the only victim — in our tweet above, we highlight a very friendly "F--k Altuve" welcome from the New York fan base — as you'll see from other videos. Heck, even batting practice wasn't a safe zone for Houston, with Yankees fans bringing out their A game throughout the entirety of the tense matchup. And as you watch these videos, just imagine what it would be like if this series took place after May 19, when capacity can increase from 20 to 33 percent, or if it was a post-June series, where Yankee Stadium will (tentatively) go back to full capacity. That would be some serious energy.

Perhaps an unexpected result of the constant jeering and insane energy from the crowd was how it affected home plate umpire Jose Navas. It's safe to say he didn't have the best of games, according to Umpire Auditor.

But hey, if he hadn't made that strikeout call seen above on Kyle Tucker, who knows what the Yankee crowd might have started yelling at him?

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