Patriots win results in crazy betting payoff


Russell Westbrook only scored 10 points in the Rockets' final game against the Lakers in the Western Conference semifinals, as Houston's offense sputtered and only put up 96 points. The Yankees swept the Orioles at home, winning the weekend slate of two games by combined three-run margin. Ian Book led the Fighting Irish to a victory over the Blue Devils, though Duke kept it relatively competitive and made it just a two-score game. Peter Leblanc hauled in five balls for 82 yards and a score as the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns picked up their first win of the season over out-of-conference opponent Iowa State.

Why are these relevant highlight for me to recap? Under normal circumstances, they wouldn't be. But for one extremely lucky... err, skilled and knowledgeable sports bettor, the aforementioned outcomes were just four of the 11 events that went into making said gambler very, very happy.

$10 into over $150,000? I'm no mathematician, but those odds were heavily against that bettor, with under a 0.01% chance of hitting. It's hard enough to parlay two bets together and have both of them hit... 11 bets? Forget it.

I did my fair share of betting this weekend, but it all revolved around the return of the NFL. I'll use that as my excuse for why I didn't have any six-figure winnings this weekend -- I still refuse to believe that the Washington Football Team started Ron Rivera's tenure with a win over the Eagles -- and it looks like I should have stuck to a blend of MLB, NBA and NCAA football bets.

But the NFL wasn't devoid of big bets that hit during its opening weekend. According to Darren Rovell of Action Network, a fan placed a $525,000 bet on the Patriots to beat the Dolphins by seven or more points. It's safe to say that gambler is probably Cam Newton's biggest fan now, as his debut with the Pats led to a 10-point victory and provided that bettor with over $477,000 in winnings.

That's a ton of faith in the new-look Pats and Bill Belichick, but we've learned over the years that it's usually a bad idea to bet against the Patriots. Still, you have to commend the bravado of this bettor, especially given the recent series history between these two AFC East teams. The Dolphins' upset of the Patriots in Week 17 of 2019 cost unfortunate gamblers a whole lot of cash.

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