Brian Cashman On No Trades: 'Price Tags Were Sky High'


Brian Cashman and the Yankees received a lot of criticism on trade deadline day for not making any moves to bolster their pitching staff. 

Meanwhile the Astros went out and got Zack Greinke to join Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole. Cashman made plenty of calls, but no deals were able to get done. He was disappointed just like the fans were. 

"Your intent is to find some lanes that you can drive in that will allow you to improve the club. That's the whole process. Unfortunately I was not able to do that. So that leaves clearly disappointment," Cashman told Evan Roberts and John Jastremski on WFAN Friday, filling in for Mike Francesa. 

Why was nothing able to get done this year at the deadline for the Yankees?

"I know the price tags were sky high. It doesn't mean I'm not willing to pay certain price tags," the Yankees GM said. "There was not anybody untouchable in our system, depending on certain players that we would be trying to acquire. We made players that we have in our system available. Any one of them from the top guy down for very specific purposes. In those cases clearly, the opposing teams are like no go. The players we were targeting specifically, none of them were moved. That reinforces it wasn't something with us as much as the sellers side of it, they weren't really sellers. It was a unique deadline. I was frustrated. There were things I wanted to do, but I wasn't going to shoot a first, second or third born for minimal impact coming back that may or may not or weren't really going to make a difference one way or the other. 

"Our history is we usually do things and the fact we didn't speaks more to the fact that there are some impossible things that weren't available that didn't get moved and the possible things that were available, the price tags were way out of whack and I see the way the dust settles with a lot of other clubs that did not make moves either that are in the same boat trying to finish their teams off. Whether it's the Cardinals, Dodgers, the Red Sox or whoever, they didn't make any moves either and not because of lack of effort. I'm disappointed I can't add to what I've already got, which I feel is a good team. We got a really good team here and guys are wired real well." 

The good thing for the Yankees is that they will be getting players back from the injured list. 

"Plan B was always if I was forced to go in that lane is to fall back and try and continue to improve on what we have that is active that isn't performing up to capabilities and then wait for some pretty tremendous talented players that are currently are residing on our injured list and wait for the Stantons and Luke Voit to return as well as more importantly the Severinos and the Betances and Loaisiga, who is going to have another rehab outing shortly," said Cashman. 

Cashman had the chance to add a piece like Dallas Keuchel, but it never happened. It wasn't at the fault of him or the Yankees though, apparently. Does he regret it? 

"None whatsoever. We put our best foot forward on Keuchel and if Keuchel wanted to be here, he would have come here," Cashman said. "If this is the place he wanted to be he would have demanded for his agent to call us directly back and say there's just a million and a half or whatever the number was of separation and I'd rather be here in New York versus there in Atlanta. That never happened. We never got the "you're on the five yard line if you move the ball 10 more yards or five more yards, he's yours. That never happened. It was just here's our offer and there wasn't the discussion back and forth of trying to close it out to finish it off. It wasn't that at all. I assume when the dust settles, he took the best deal or he took a lesser deal compared to other deals elsewhere, because the place he wanted to be was Atlanta. It was a good, strong offer and not too far under where he winded up signing, but at the end of the day, if this is where he wanted to be, they would have made that happen. Since they didn't try that, I would assume Atlanta is the place he wanted to be or more so than here." 

You can hear the entire interview with Cashman with Evan and JJ in the audio player above.