'Boomer And Gio': German Case 'Could Be The Biggest Piece Of Adversity' Yankees Face


The Domingo German domestic violence allegation cast a pall over the Yankees' division championship celebration Thursday, WFAN's Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti said. 

Major League Baseball announced Thursday that the Yankees pitcher has been placed on administrative leave while it investigates an allegation against German.

"This Domingo German thing is a serious issue, and the Yankees are treating it as such," Esiason said on Friday's "Boomer and Gio" show. "They are not joking around. I thought Aaron Boone's take on it yesterday was spot on. I think the Yankees as an organization put it out there spot on. Domingo German has some serious explaining to do here.

"I think that the Yankees are going about this with an abundance of caution and getting out in front of it," Boomer added. "And reading between the lines, I just don't see how Domingo German is back on the field at all, and nor should he be if you read between the lines."

After the show aired, ESPN reported that German won't pitch again in 2019

"It's so stomach-turning to hear something like this, and I always, in every one of these instances, try not to jump to conclusions and try to wait for all the facts to come out," Giannotti said. "But obviously it's really, really disappointing to hear something like this."

Domingo GermanSarah Stier/Getty Images

The Yankees popped the champagne Thursday night after beating the Angels 9-1 to clinch their first AL East title in seven years. It's been an especially impressive and improbable 100-win season for the Yankees considering they placed the most players in MLB history on the injured list, including their biggest stars for long stretches.

"But this one's different," Gio said. "This isn't a quad, this isn't a knee, this isn't an oblique. This has the potential to be, if something criminal, then maybe we never see Domingo German in a Yankee uniform again if it ends up being true. So this right here could be the biggest piece of adversity that they've dealt with the entire year coming at the worst time from a guy that was going to play a big part for this team in the postseason."

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