Joe Girardi On WFAN: There Will Be More Clarity With Job Search Pretty Soon


Joe Girardi continues to go through the usual process one does in a typical job interview. 

Girardi, who last coached the Yankees in 2017, is a top candidate for a handful of teams seeking a new skipper for next season. He's been rumored to be a clear favorite for the Philadelphia Phillies position. He recently conducted a second interview with Phillies brass. He's also been heavily linked to the Mets and Cubs managerial vacancies, as well. 

The 55-year-old revealed that he's yet to complete all of his interviews with the interested clubs. 

"I have not heard anything from anyone so I'm going to say there's three teams," Girardi told WFAN's Mike Francesa. "But I'm not sure. I haven't been told 'no' by anyone yet ... I feel really good about the interviews I've had. As I told my son, It's not how I feel. It's how they feel."

Girardi doesn't have a preference to where he hopes to land after spending 10 seasons as the Yankees head coach. He cites that his ideal working environment is one that is functional and collaborative. 

"To me the big thing is the relationship and the comfortability factor of everyone working together," Girardi said. " ... I think they're all good jobs. They're all great markets. They all have passionate fans. They want to win. They have ownership groups that want to win so I think they're all good jobs. 

Fans of the teams associated with Girardi's search will likely have closure sometime after World Series' conclusion. Girardi has an indication that he'll find out fairly soon of his job status, likely sometime during best-of-seven series between the Nationals and Astros.  

"I think there will be more clarity with it pretty soon," Girardi said. "You're not supposed to announce anything in the World Series but I believe I might have an idea before that."

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